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Bob’s latest album of songs composed in Africa

Bob has been working on a new project, entitled Mountain Calling. The album contains 11 tracks of songs written during his 7 year stay in southern Africa. It’s scheduled to be released later in September 2014. Stay tuned for more information on this site!

As a composer and guitarist, Bob harnesses the richness of acoustic music to incorporate God’s word into the life of contemporary society. Driven by his own walk with the Lord, Bob illustrates through his songs how the truth of God’s word can be put into practice in every-day life. In adapting to life in another culture, Bob found ample opportunities to grow in his faith. His music captures this journey and reveals the spiritual impact of God in the ordinary life of a missionary. The lyrics of his songs uncover God’s active involvement in his own life and in the lives of those around him.

Bob's guitar music has encouraged many during his travels

Bob’s guitar music has encouraged many during his travels

Through Bob’s lyrical melodies surrounded by an intricate finger style guitar, listeners can explore the character of God and His practical involvement in their lives. As God speaks, they are encouraged to respond to God’s call through obedience and action. God’s heart cry is to reach the world with His gospel. We are called to participate in this great endeavor of sharing the gospel with a needy world.

Even as Bob has visited several countries across Asia and Africa, music has often been a part of the journey. He’s had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of musicians along the way, enjoying the variety and friendships that came with every project. So far, he’s produced three of his own projects listed below:

(c) 2006

(c) 2006

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(c) 2011

1400x1400_CD Case Cover_small

(c) 2014







Select one of the above projects to gain more information about the project itself including lyrics, samples and access via digital music sites such as CD Baby or iTunes.

For booking and scheduling information, please submit your request in the space below:

  1. Bob and Barb,

    The site looks good. Glad you’re offering this as a way to stay in touch!



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