Discovering Truth in God’s Word

Barb is enthusiastic about helping others study the word of God. I’ll let her tell you about what’s happening:

“Why are you here studying the Gospel of John?”  “What do you hope to learn this year?”  These were some of the questions discussed at the first Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class a few weeks ago.  Last year was my (Barb) first experience with BSF, when we studied the book of Revelation.  This year, I was asked to be a group discussion leader.  I am thrilled to be able to serve God in this way – to encourage other women to study God’s word inductively.

Barb encouraging a number of women as they study the gospel of John

Barb encouraging a number of women as they study the gospel of John

Each week we each do individual study in the Gospel of John, then gather together as a group to discuss the things God is teaching us through His Word.  After the discussion, all six groups gather together to listen to our teaching leader, Viska, share from God’s Word.  Throughout the week, I pray for the women in my group and contact each one to encourage them in their spiritual walk.

What a blessing it is to get to know these women!  And what a blessing to study afresh the life of Jesus Christ as told by the apostle John.   God has revealed Himself to us through His Son Jesus Christ.  At times, the world that we live in can appear quite dark and oppressive.  When we see the crime, terrorism, and social changes around us, we may wonder what the future holds for us and our children.

John 1:4-5 reminds us, “In Him (Jesus) was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” 

The life we have in Christ brings light to our individual lives, to our families, and to our world.  His light is continually shining.  The darkness around us will never overcome the Light.  God calls all followers of Jesus to shine His light to the world around us.

As you pray, please consider these:

  • Pray for me as I lead the BSF discussion group. May each woman grow closer to Jesus as we learn from Him.
  • Pray for Nathan as he continues to look for a full-time job in Orlando, FL.
  • Pray for us as we make preparations to host our International Service Team mid-year retreat here in Jakarta Nov 7-11.

Nathan on the Move

We all enjoy the routine of life, to have a place to call home and get into a rhythm of predictable schedules. Our family, over the years, experienced various times when a major move meant facing a host of new changes and challenges, some good and some more difficult.

IMG_0210 (2)Now the time has come for our son Nathan to make a significant move in his life. As I am drafting this post, Nathan is making final preparations to move to  Florida. He’s getting ready for the long trip from North Dakota, a state he has known well, to a warmer  climate where snow will no longer be a part of the routine. This new adventure will bring many changes to his life. We are hopeful many of them will be positive. We’ve been coming alongside Nathan as he has made this decision to move on his own, weighing his options and stepping out for new opportunities.

Nathan (along with Mom and Dad) will appreciate your  prayers for him as he makes this long journey. Please remember the following changes he will face along the way:

  • Pray for the extended journey from the northern to southeastern US. It’s a long drive, most likely taking the better part of a week to complete the journey. Pray for his safety and the decisions he will need to make along the way. This needs to be the priority until the middle of September.
  • We are thankful that Nathan has found a place to live before he moves there. He’s already made initial arrangements near a university. Pray for his adapting to his new living situation and that the new relationships he makes will be encouraging ones.
  • Nathan will be looking for a job when he gets to his new location. Pray that God will provide him with a job and income to get established in his new community.
  • Pray that God will lead Nathan through the new experiences and adjustments he will need to make. We pray that God will grant him great wisdom and peace as he makes new friends and finds ways to plug into positive fellowship and spiritual growth.

While Nathan makes his way to Florida, I will also be making my way for a visit to Africa. I’ll be leaving soon for Rwanda for a series of meetings with other international ministries to encourage and build up local broadcasters in the region of East Africa. I’m anticipating I will be meeting delegates from Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, and probably other countries as well.

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement of our ministry, but also for our family. We value your prayers as we ask God to protect, lead, and provide for Nathan as he takes these steps to a new experience. We are very grateful that God is going with him.

The Past Returns to the Present

One of the privileges of having lived in a variety of locations around the world and traveled to several more, is the opportunity to build relationships with so many from differing backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and perspectives. It gives us a much broader perspective of the creativity and diversity that God has woven into and throughout humanity. I was reminded of this over the past couple of weeks as we’ve renewed and developed some new relationships right here in our little corner of Indonesia.


An evening wth our colleague and friend, Romulus S.

I was on my way out of the office the other day to refill my tumbler at the water cooler. I needed a break after a rather long session at my computer. I was on a mission, not paying a great deal of attention to anything else around me. But on the way back, I passed one of the other offices and just happened to glance in on a meeting. Much to my surprise, there sat one of our good friends from the Philippines whom we met when we first joined FEBC in the early 1990s. Back then, he was one of the Indonesian programmers broadcasting back to his home country through the shortwave transmissions from Manila. Now, right in front of my eyes, after more than 20 years, there he sat with that unmistakable smile that reflected the joy that was always in his heart.

Barb and I had often wondered what had happened to Romulus S., our fun-loving, exuberant partner in both ministry and tennis. We had lost touch with him when he returned to Indonesia, until now! It did not surprise us that he continues on in ministry in another part of the country at a local Bible school. Even though he is several years past what some consider to be retirement age, he’s still spreading the joy, sharing Christ’s love, and remaining faithful to the call. Some of our friends in our home town of Fergus Falls, MN may remember his visit to our home church back in the mid 1990s.

There’s been a recent worldwide conference of young leaders, sponsored by the Lausanne movement meeting this past week at the local university here in our part of Jakarta. The conference drew several friend from Africa, including a former colleague from TWR. We were glad to spend a block of time to meet up with Rudolf, whom I had met last year in Johannesburg. Through our contact with Rudolf, we were introduced to others attending the conference, including coordinators ministering through music and the arts.


We met the new station manager from Radio Wimbi here in Jakarta

We were also privileged to meet the new station manager for Radio Wimbi, the radio station in northern Mozambique that I had helped get started when I was with Feba UK.

So we have been further enriched, renewing relationships from other parts of the world, being introduced to servants of the kingdom and appreciating afresh how great the work of the Spirit of God is in so many different corners of the globe. We consider it a privilege to welcome old and new friends to our life in Jakarta, and to offer them some refreshment as they minister among us for a brief time.


Media and Disciple Making

Making disciples is a core calling for every believer. It’s God’s plan to use His followers to encourage those we meet to consider Jesus, follow Him, and become disciple-makers themselves. With the complexities of life, cultures, perceptions, and values, becoming a disciple can be a complicated process. That’s true for us who may have been following Jesus for some time. It’s even more involved for those who have no understanding yet of who this Jesus is. So, just like an orchestra performs inspiring music, it takes a wide variety of approaches to weave together experiences and conversations that encourage someone to consider Jesus for themselves.

DMM Concert Night

Enjoying an evening of music at the DMM Workshop

I recently participated in a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) media workshop hosted by FEBC’s partner, Ibra Media. The week-long workshop took place in northern Thailand where a number of media teams from Ibra’s network came together. We met to explore how media can provide value to sparking a DMM in a particular people group or community.

It became clear early on that media can only be a part of a larger discipling strategy. It requires intentional disciple-makers entering the community in search of open and spiritually hungry individuals (called persons of peace) who eagerly introduce what they are discovering to their existing networks of relationships. Guided by their mentors, it will be these persons of peace who will share the stories and start the conversations about Jesus.

We uncovered some key roles that media can have in activating a DMM in a particular context. The preparation and delivery of culturally meaningful content that awakens a community to DMM include:

  • Inviting and engaging potential persons of peace to respond to discussions exploring issues of values and life in the community. As these candidates respond, engage, and pursue answers to their spiritual hunger, they are invited into discipling relationships with DMM partners.
  • Introduce the community to exploring spiritual insights through sharing and discussing stories found in Scripture together in small groups comprised only of people from the community. In DMM, such a small group is called a Discovery Bible Study (DBS), focused upon discovering truth and obeying what’s learned.

Such partnerships between DMM ministries and media require close coordination to link respondents to mentors for discipling. As these DBS groups form, the strategy encourages participants to start new groups around the same stories. This multiplies the discovery of Jesus throughout the community in its own ethnic and cultural contexts.

As FEBC develops new strategies for reaching into peoples who have yet to hear about Jesus, DMM partnerships can be one strategy that results in growing numbers of disciples following  Jesus in the context of their community. There are still plenty of these people clusters around that FEBC is in a position to serve. My role as a facilitator is to introduce this and other strategies among FEBC ministries as they develop and produce their content. It is up to each FEBC ministry to embrace and implement the approach that will work for them.

When people desire to meet Jesus, He will show up, be discovered, and attract disciples to Himself. God, the maker of every culture, will reveal Himself in ways that only these new disciples can truly appreciate. When conversations start in the community, great things can happen.

For more information about Disciple Making Movements, check here.

Across Generations

Living in the western suburbs of Jakarta provides a unique opportunity for encouraging and impacting future generations. The community in which we live hosts a university, and a secondary school, both of which are quite international. So we are learning what it is like to once more rub shoulders with the younger generation. We are adapting to their approaches to communication (another 10 WhatsApp messages just hit my phone) as we walk alongside one another in this journey of life from our often different perspectives.

HMCC Covenant 2016

Our Life Group retreat keeps us active in the life of our church

Barb and I have gotten involved in a church just down the road from where we live comprised of students, young adults and younger families. Several of the parents are either teaching at one of the nearby educational institutions or are involved in technology jobs in the city. Some are from other countries around Asia, or from Africa, Australia or the US. As one of the longest married couples in our fellowship, we often are asked about our perspective on life in other cultures, how to adjust and respond to the sometimes unique challenges of living here. During a recent retreat in the mountains overlooking Jakarta we enjoyed spending time with several of the younger families in our church. Our creativity was challenged a bit as we got to know some of the children of these families.

Recently, I have also had the opportunity to minister to other churches in other parts of Jakarta. After sharing at a church in Bali earlier this year, I was invited to share a message (sprinkled with  musical illustrations) with two services on one particular Sunday in April. Last Sunday, I was invited to share with a smaller congregation of Persian refugees that meet together in east Jakarta. These invitations help us make new friends and expand our horizons beyond the planned community where we live.

Next week, I’ll be off to Thailand again for a conference with other media ministries in which we’ll be developing ways to serve disciple making movements in sometimes difficult locations of the world. The strategy involves local groups that spring up to explore stories that introduce them to the God of Scripture. My goal is to bring back these strategies to share with FEBC producers who are looking for ways to influence new audiences who have not yet considered Jesus.

Oh No …. But Yes!

The previous four days had been pretty intense for the FEBC staffers who attended a digital media training event in Thailand earlier this month. For many, English is a second language, requiring even greater effort to understand the principles and skills they had come learn. Yet they were committed to persevere because of how it would help them  interact with their audiences using today’s Internet-based media platforms. So we planned an extra day to meet together as FEBC to review and give the participants a chance to share with one another what they had learned and how they would apply it back home.


Together with Janysh from Central Asia discussing future plans for their FM network

Barb had worked with me to make the arrangements, but now at the training site, I was on my own. I thought we were all set, but it was a bit odd that the resort staff had assigned us such a large meeting room. However, I was an hour early so thought I would have enough time to set up for the day’s conversations. Suddenly, about 20 minutes before the meeting was to start, the manager from the resort informed me I was in the wrong room! Our meeting room was on the other side of the resort!

Oh, no! Now what?! My mind started racing as I frantically  disconnected my equipment to move to the new room. I quickly told a couple of the participants to start spreading the news about the change in venue. I used a bicycle to quickly find the new meeting room. Yet in the rush, I’d left my computer’s power supply back at the old venue. All I could think was this day was turning into a disaster. On my way back, I found some more FEBC staff who were looking for our place to meet. I hoped everyone would find our new location.

After setting up in the new room, we finally were all together, starting about 15 minutes late. We began with a time of worship and Bible study that helped us focus for the day (and helped me regroup!). Then the conversations started. Everyone there (23 in all) had something to share. We split up into four interest groups based on their training from the previous four days. Each group, with a large sheet of paper, started capturing their ideas and plans. We all agreed our conversations needed to continue once we returned home. We are eager to hear about one another’s successes and challenges, to encourage one another to turn these new dreams of connecting with our audiences online into reality.

What seemed to start as a disaster that day turned into even more than I had hoped. Seeing FEBC people come together, many of whom had never met each other before this week, was a joy to behold. Now back home again, the real work is starting. Please pray with me that the enthusiasm we shared will translate into fresh interaction with online audiences across FEBC focusing on the gospel. Thank you for your support in this way. It is vital and our teams appreciate it.

Bali De-brief

Once a year, the worldwide leadership of FEBC comes together in one place to explore opportunities and build relationships with one another for more effective ministry. This year’s meeting was held on the island of Bali, in the west central region of Indonesia. Representatives from more than 25 countries discussed key issues of working together as well as exploring the value of being a part of the FEBC International Association.


Barb and I did get to the beach one day in Bali

With more than 80 delegates and guests as part of the meeting, there were plenty of logistics to address. Our host team from FEBC Indonesia did an outstanding job of warmly welcoming each delegate. We in the International Service Team worked alongside them as we helped provide administrative support to the meetings themselves.

It’s been good to come together and share our hearts for ministry. However, this time around, we shared a bit more than what we would have liked. For whatever reason, there was a flu and cold virus just waiting for an opportunity to distract us with poor health. When we are all together in a conference room sharing the same air, it didn’t take long for the coughs to settle in. During some segments of the meetings, there was as much coughing going on as there was conversation. The virus hit Barb during the middle of the week. Fortunately, the other members of our admin team were able to fill in the gaps. I was able to stay healthy until the last day of the conference before I contracted a cold. When we returned back to Jakarta, we were still recovering from these nasty bugs.

This was also a time for the International Service Team to come together and discuss our plans for the coming year. There were budgets to consider as well as updates on ministry progress from a number of the team members.

During our time together, we learned of some serious challenges that our ministry in Cambodia has been facing with its property in the country. There have been a number of legal challenges to the ownership of one portion of property from where the ministry’s flagship station broadcasts. Most of these challenges have been unsuccessful so far, but they continue to occur. Please be praying for our leadership team in Cambodia as they work to protect the property amid some lengthy disputes. One recent challenge is still under litigation even at this time.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be traveling to Thailand to participate in a new technology media conference with a number of FEBC participants from around the ministry. Please be praying for the training sessions with producers and other local staff who are at the forefront of FEBC’s media ministries in their respective countries. I’ll be there to help facilitate discussions among the participants and assess the value of the conference and associated training to the broader FEBC family.

How Precious the Sound

When a person finds something of value, there will often be some attention given to detail. That’s one of the ways to discover what’s important to a person, how he or she  pays attention to the details surrounding it. Jesus even commented on that perspective in Matthew 13:44-46. If a man found an item of great value, he would do whatever it takes to obtain it.


Many FEBC listeners appreciate their radios

Many of us live in a technology rich environment. We have ever increasing choices to access the content we’d like to view or hear. However, in some corners of the world today, the choice is far more limited. Whether its in a remote mountain village or a distant valley, some only have access to a shortwave radio for their information.

Recently, some visitors found their way up into such a remote location in Southeast Asia. Their report below gives us a bit of a glimpse of how some of the listeners to FEBC broadcasts value their privilege of hearing programs in their own language.

It is 4 years since the last visit to these isolated listeners. Not an easy journey over borders, bumpy roads to the end of the way, and then around 5 days walking through mountains! They carried new shortwave radios with them to distribute as gifts. They found that the 4 year’s ago distribution of a smaller number of radios were carefully kept. They are wrapped in cloth, carefully unwrapped to listen to the half-hour shortwave daily broadcast, and then wrapped again and gently put on the shelf until the next day’s program! The new shortwave radios were received with delight and joy. There is no electricity here.

Some listeners go away for 4-5 months at a time taking care of the goat herds. The shortwave radio is their pastor!

One preacher has written down 600 sermons from the shortwave programs in his language.

Praise the Lord for shortwave radio … providing God’s Word of truth and light to those in isolated places!

In today’s globally connected environment, shortwave radio is one technology that is gradually diminishing. FEBC remains committed to finding ways to continue to deliver content to listeners in these remote locations. You can see how much they value it. Please be praying for our ministry leaders as they decide how to deliver such content in an ever-changing media environment where some still depend on this technology.

Barb and I will covet your prayer support in the next few weeks as the FEBC leaders from around the world come together here in Indonesia for the annual meeting of the FEBC International Council. As part of the International Service Team, we are involved in helping provide services the delegates  need during their meetings.

Before the Snow Flies

Now, before anyone panics, let me assure you that the Bartzes are still in southeast Asia, where it never gets close to freezing, much less ever snows! However, my ministry responsibilities have me involved in a variety of projects all across the FEBC world. In the last several months, our ministry in central Asia has been expanding its reach into another part of Kyrgyzstan. Up in the highlands of this part of the world, snow matters. So it was critical that this particular project get done before now. Let me give you a glimpse of FEBC’s project around Issyk-Kul (“Hot Lake” in English) in eastern Kyrgyzstan, the world’s second largest salt-water lake.


Janysh gets familiar with the translator’s new antenna

It’s a crisp October morning on the slopes of the western mountains near Kyrgyzstan’s largest lake, Issyk-Kul. The chill in the air is a persistent reminder that winter could be only days away. FEBC Kyrgyzstan’s director, Janysh, knows the time might be short, but he is ready. Today, he puts the finishing touches to a FM translator that will relay the broadcasts of OK Radio from Bishkek the capital city. By the end of the day another 300,000 potential listeners will be added to OK Radio’s audience. So just before winter sets in, the translator is indeed on the air.

During the past several months, this project has been a high priority across FEBC International. Funds for the project came from several FEBC offices. FEBCanada once again purchased and shipped the transmitter. Other vital equipment not available in Kyrgyzstan was ordered through FEBC-US with the guidance of engineers on FEBC’s International Service Team (IST). Bob from the IST project office worked with the region’s coordinator, Rudi, since the project’s inception to draft a comprehensive project plan. Each contribution was vital to ensure that the translator would be operating before winter.

Now the work really begins. For at least the next three years, Issyk-Kul residents will welcome a new friend into the region. Pray for the OK Radio team as they reach out and engage with their new listeners. For many living around the lake, it will be the first time they have ever heard the Good News.


By now, the transmitter site overlooking the lake will be isolated for the next several months. As is often the case, the road up the mountain will be impassable due to the snow. But the residents around Issyk-Kul will have a new companion as they stay warm along the lake’s wind-swept shores. Pray for these new listeners, that they might also experience the warmth of God’s love.

An African Return

It’s always good to reconnect with the familiar, especially in the middle of a transition. We have been working toward getting ourselves settled in Indonesia for the past three months, but I knew there would be a time when I would have the opportunity to return to South Africa. Earlier this year, I was invited to speak at two workshops as part of the Africa by Radio (now known as AbR Media) Continental Convention that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. So even though we were still waiting to fully settle in Jakarta, at the beginning of September, I departed for that visit, leaving Barb to manage the office and home.

Met up with Rudolf Kabutz of TWR to continue our discussion on the future trends in media

Prior to the convention, I was able to spend a few days visiting offices where Barb and I had worked while living there. During those seven years, we worked with FEBA Radio South Africa and TWR-Africa. Both organizations have experienced changes in the last year. It was encouraging to visit each office and see how God has been at work in their respective ministries.

I managed to re-connect with several colleagues and friends over my time there. Some had been former colleagues at ether FEBA or TWR. I caught up with friends from each of the three churches we attended while living in the country. I met with some musician friends, exchanging stories and perspectives about our shared passion. I was blessed to spend an evening with our most recent home cell group, where we explored together God’s strength and stability. Even though it was a full schedule, I treasured each and every moment to extend the relationships we shared.

The convention provided me the opportunity to reunite with several ministry partners through the AbR network. I was encouraged to meet the project coordinator from Radio Wimbi in Mozambique. This project has been on the air now for two years. The station has received several reports of listeners who, previously uninterested in following Jesus, started visiting some churches in the city. Even though I am no longer actively involved in these media projects, God continues to lead each one to greater effectiveness and fruit in ministry.

I presented two workshops during the convention program. One workshop focused on digital radio across Africa. Regulatory bodies in several countries are now making plans to convert radio broadcasts to digital platforms. I led an interactive discussion about how radio stations should participate in the process and prepare for what will eventually come. The second workshop explored mentoring among media ministries in Africa. Over the years, western mentors have sought to encourage local African media professionals for greater influence in ministry. Our session examined the challenges and opportunities Africans face to actively mentor others in their local contexts. This strategy may be key to greatly expanding the impact of media across this vast continent.

I returned  just in time for the arrival of our personal effects that shipped from South Africa at the end of August. Our agent in Indonesia cleared the shipment through customs such that we were able to take delivery at our home at the end of this last week. All has arrived in good shape. We are now in the process of arranging our home with the familiar sights, sounds and smells of Asia and Africa. This is the final step to establishing our home, so we can now focus fully on the ministry God has for us here.

Thank you for praying with us in this transition. We are encouraged to see what God is going to do next!