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Refining Our Focus

As with any journey, there are always adjustments to be made. Since we see the future through a dim lens, we trust the Lord to guide our steps. Such is the case every year when we, the International Service Team (IST) gather together following the annual FEBC International conference of our leadership. This year, our meeting took place in Seoul, South Korea, just as the cherry blossoms were blooming. Coming from the tropical temperatures of Indonesia, the cooler spring air of Korea was a refreshing welcome.

IST 2017 Korea

The International Service Team (IST) assembles once a year to plan and focus our efforts in support of FEBC International. This time, it was in South Korea.

In the dynamic ministry environment of media, particularly when working in so many cultures and languages, we frequently deal with change. We know that adjusting is just part of the process as we learn more about the needs of our international ministries across the FEBC world. We adjust the way we work together and apply the years of cross-cultural experience in the team to be more fruitful.

So over the past few months, I’ve been working to refine my roles in the IST. While I am still maintaining my project management role, I’ve noticed that the need in this area is diminishing. Most projects don’t require the kind of international coordination IST was offering to help them succeed. So this has freed me up to shift my focus to supporting production teams across FEBC International. I’m now working on the preparations for two conferences that will impact FEBC teams producing content not just for radio but for a wide variety of media channels available today. Here’s a brief focus of each:

  • Media Retreat Pilot: In cooperation with a network of international Christian media ministries known as Asia by Media, I’m developing a new concept called a “Media Retreat”. This involves bringing content production teams together into an environment where individual teams can review and develop strategies for impacting their audiences.
  • Content Innovation Summit: It has been several years since FEBC programming directors have met together. This summit is being designed to bring these leaders face to face to share what has worked in their context. They can learn new approaches that can encourage audiences to follow Jesus. We also look for new ways of partnering together for greater impact.

With these two events happening in calendar year 2017, there are many details to address to maximize the impact of these conferences. They don’t necessarily provide the answers, but offer environments of discovery where leaders and their teams are inspired to produce content relevant for their individual audiences.

Barb and I will appreciate your prayers as we work together in helping plan and coordinate these two events in the coming months. I’m currently working with others in and outside of FEBC to craft the agendas and approaches for the conferences, while Barb is assisting me with logistical details and venue arrangements. We have much to sort through in the weeks to come. Pray that these events will ultimately result in greater impact among the many different audiences FEBC serves.


Mountain Calling Launches

1400x1400_CD Case Cover_smallOver the past seven years of living in Africa, I’ve observed how quickly people become distracted with life. They find their time filled with expectations and demands from their culture that, in the end, seem more draining than renewing. There just doesn’t seem to be much enthusaism left for the things that really matter. These observations have driven me back to the core of my faith in God. It’s from that center that another collection of songs was birthed. My heart-felt desire for those who listen is to find themselves captivated and drawn into a deeper relationship with Him. As we get to know God, the quality of our relationships around us will also deepen.

It’s with a sense of gratitude this week that this latest collection, entitled “Mountain Calling“, was just released on a variety of digital distribution platforms including iTunes and Amazon. It’s also available on CD Baby where the CD can be ordered online. To discover more about the album and find out how you can get access to it, click on the album cover at the upper left hand corner of this post. It will introduce you to the songs in the collection as well as point you to where you can obtain a copy. Previews of the songs can be heard online at SoundCloud.

If you happen to listen to a song or two from the album and find that the music impacts your journey with God, I’d be thrilled to hear your story. Please feel free to comment back on this blog or perhaps on Facebook or Google+. I pray these songs will encourage you as you cultivate your own walk with Him.